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About Turfware

This is our story.

We have operated lawn service businesses within the industry since 1975. When the first ride-on spreader was introduced, we saw the potential to reduce wear and tear on our employees and increase productivity.

We found very quickly however most machines to be overly difficult and expensive to repair, were built using too many belts / pulleys, not built heavy duty enough, performed poorly on average hills and to be difficult for new employees to learn to safely operate.

In 2006, we began development of our own golf course quality ride-on spreader. We spent over 11 years and ultimately over 20,000 machine hours per year in heavy productive use on our own fleet of lawn care trucks developing the original TR360 before selling the first machine in 2017!

Our spreaders are built to spend time being productive, not being fixed! Since 2006 we have continued to improve and refine the TR360 and are now ready to introduce our latest, the NEWLY updated TR460.

All our Spreader Sprayers feature heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, the best of components and are designed and built by us right here in the USA. We built our machines based on our deep knowledge of the lawn care industry.

We build our equipment to be easy to operate, easy to maintain, and to last long. We provide direct Sales and Parts support for our customers. We believe strongly in our products and back them with a 2-year Warranty!

The TR460 & TR460XL ride-on spreader and sprayer’s that
are revolutionizing the fertilizing industry.

We are problem solvers.

We’ve taken every feature of the available commercial ride-on spreaders and reengineered their short-comings.


Continuous innovation, reengineering and over 20,000 hours of usage and testing to achieve a ride-on spreader that meets the approval of operators.


The TR460 and TR460XL are designed for reliability, durability and unparalleld performance, not to spend hours in the the repair shop. Everything for preventive maintenance is easily accessible.


Start today taking on clients with hills and slopes and keeping your employees happy. Shop now for your TR460 or TR460XL ride-on spreader.

Like what you see?

We’d love for you to take a test drive of the new TR460 and see for yourself how you can increase productivity, the quality of your lawncare service and improve employee satisfaction. Contact us at 330-929-9000.

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