TR360 Parts List


TR360 Cables

Cables PDF Download

Deflector Shield Cable Assembly
Deflector Shield Cable End
Drive Control Cable Assembly
Hopper Control Cable Assembly

TR360 Wheel and Tire Assemblies


Axle and Pivot PDF Download

Extended Tread Life Front Wheel
Extended Tread Life Rear Wheel
Wheel Bearing Cover X 2
Front Wheel Hub Assembly
Rear Wheel Hub Assembly
Wheel Hub Bearing KIT
Wheel Lug Nuts 4-pack

TR360 Spray System Parts

Impeller Components PDF Download


Nose Cone Assembly PDF


Spray System PDF

TR360 Hydraulic Engine Parts


Hydraulic System PDF Download

Black Hydraulic Pump Return Spring
Hydraulic Reservoir Cap
Hydraulic System Spin on Filter
Impeller Control Valve KIT
Impeller Motor External Seal KIT
Impeller Motor with Fittings KIT

TR360 Grips

Handlebar Grip X 2
Hopper Control Grip
Parking Brake Grip

TR360 Granular Hopper Parts

Hopper Components PDF Download

Deflector Shield Assembly w/ Hinge
Dual Hopper Divider KIT
Hopper 250lbs - Plastic part only
Old Style Hopper Agitator 2 Bolt
Hopper Agitator 4 Bolt
Hopper Cover - Shower Cap
Hopper Flow Rate Knob
Hopper Flow Rate Scale Plate LH
Hopper Flow Rate Scale Plate RH
Hopper Granular Flow Diverter
Hopper Impeller Speed Control Knob
Double Hopper Screen
Single Hopper Screen
Impeller w/Snap in plug

TR360 Electrical

Agitation System Switch Button
Black Battery Cable Negative
Red Battery Cable Positive
Battery Velcro Strap
Fuse 30 AMP
Hour/Tach Meter
LED Spray Light
Relay-Electrical for Pump or Agitator
Old Style Relay-Electrical for Pump or Agitator
Replacement Battery
Rocker Style Spray System Switch Button
Wiring Harness

TR360 Chassis / Platform

Front Spray Bar
Manual Tube
Pivot Assembly Rebuild KIT
Pivot Assembly V2 TR360
Spray Bar Support Bracket LH
Spray Bar Support Bracket RH
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