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The TR360 ride on spreader and sprayer | the best equipment for your lawn care business.

The TR360 ride on spreader was designed by lawncare professionals that were frustrated by the short-comings of the other models on the market; Toro, Ferris, Z-Spray, PermaGreen, and Spyker.  We underwent multiple iterations of design and 12-years of heavy-duty testing in the field to develop:

  1. A ride-on spreader that holds hills better
  2. A ride-on spreader that isn’t always broken

We saw so many short-comings in the available ride on spreaders so in 2006 we set out to build the best ride on fertilizer spreader designer.

Fed up with repairing ride on spreaders?

The purpose of a ride on spreader was to reduce wear and tear on employees and also improve productivity and efficiency.  What we found was that by the end of the first year, the other brands of ride on spreaders were broken down in the shop needing parts.  The components were just not designed for this environment.  It was a constant cycle of short bursts of production and then back in the shop.  Reliability was a key issue.

Concerned about employee safety?

Employee safety was a big concern when navigating slopes. Caster wheel models easily lost control.  Top heavy models were prone to tipping and none of the available models had the traction they needed to climb hills without spinning tires and destroying the customer’s lawn.

TurfWare TR360 is the most reliable ride on spreader on the market

We perfected our design and solved all the problems experienced with competitor’s models building a heavy-duty, operator focused ride on spreader that is the best at climbing hills.

TurfWare TR360 beats all the other ride on spreaders with hill climbing.

 TR360 Ride on Fertilizer Spreader features include:
  • Hydrostatic finger tip operator controls for instant response
  • NOT a wimpy gear drive transmission!
  • Simple design allowing full accessibility for care.
  • Hill climbing and side hill stability.
  • User friendly and highly maneuverable.
  • Heavy duty proven components.
  • Heavy duty cables, automobile type wiring harness and many custom designed components.

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Video of the TR360 Ride on Spreader


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